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Danielle Distefano

Owner & Balloon Artist

Meet Danielle, the creator and creative mind behind Balloonables! Her journey into the world of balloons started way back when she was just 15. She taught herself the art of balloon twisting, and boy, did she have a knack for it!

From those early days of twisting balloons in her bedroom, Danielle's passion only grew. She turned her hobby into a full-blown business, and voilà, Balloonables was born!

Add a Fun Twist to Your Next Party with Ballonables.jpg

Now, Danielle's not your average balloon artist. She has collaborated with some pretty cool places like Franklin & Marshall College, The YMCA of Harrisburg, and even York College. Oh, and let's not forget about The Fulton Theatre, Clipper Magazine Stadium, and Urban Air! She has brought her balloon magic to all kinds of awesome events and places.

But Danielle's not just about balloons. She's also got a degree in Music Performance and Entrepreneurship from Millersville University. Pretty cool, right? It adds a whole new level of creativity to her balloon designs.

And let's talk about those designs. Danielle's all about creating something unique and special for every event. From whimsical animals to stunning installations, she puts her heart and soul into every creation.

So, if you're in Lancaster, PA, or nearby and you're looking to add some balloon fun to your next event, Danielle's your gal. With her passion, creativity, and friendly attitude, she'll make sure your celebration is one to remember!

Danielle Selfie Balloonables Lancaster PA
Hula Monkey Balloonables Lancaster PA
Balloon Artist Balloonables Lancaster PA
Danielle Holding Flower and Ninja Turtle Balloonables
Spider Man Balloonables Lancaster PA
Mermaid & Elephant Balloon Animals Danielle Balloonables
Danielle Balloonables Lancaster PA
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